Seasonal allergies and how raw local honey and pollen saved me.


Seasonal allergies and how Raw local honey and pollen saved me.

My story on freeing myself of seasonal allergies and how you can too.

Itchy eyes, itchy throat, sneezing, congestion.....ahh seasonal allergies! They make you miserable and feeling like you are constantly sick. What most people don't know is it is possible to rid yourself of them or at least lessen the amount and frequency of allergy symptoms and do it naturally without the side effects of OTC meds. I got rid of the seasonal allergies and all those symptoms that came with it! It is so nice not to have to deal with seasonal allergies anymore. I am about to share with you what I did.

I have something to say before I share the protocol.

I have to stress how important consistency is! In my years of working with people, I have realized that most people have such a hard time being consistent with taking their supplements, exercising, etc. Self-care is so important. You deserve to honor yourself and feel good. Commit to yourself and your health so you can feel good.

You can rid yourself of seasonal allergies, here is how you can get relief permanently!

Alright, so here it is; I took one Tablespoon of raw honey every day. Yes, every day, you have to, or it won't work.

Like many people, I also had an issue with consistency and still struggle with it at times but I 100% committed to this. When I approached a year of taking local raw honey daily, I noticed some minor changes with the seasonal allergies. I wasn't super thrilled that it took so long to get little results, but I did not want to give up. I knew I could keep taking local raw honey daily for a while or have seasonal allergies for the rest of my life. The choice was clear! Even though I showed some results I did question if it was working. Was it just that maybe my seasonal allergies were not as bad this year? Doubts crept in, but I kept up with taking it since I was so tired of the seasonal allergy misery.

For added measure I decided to incorporate raw local bee pollen into my protocol. I heard such good things, why not?  By my second year, I noticed more dramatic improvements; I was about 50% allergen-free. I started to feel like this raw honey, and raw pollen protocol works!

It worked! Finally FREE!

By year three, they were 98% gone. I was finally free of these horrible seasonal allergies.

After the third year, I stopped taking the honey daily. I love it on a sore throat or for an energy boost. I used it in my tea or for making certain foods. Occasionally I take a spoonful too. The pollen has so many nutritional benefits that I go through periods of taking that daily, but I do take breaks. Life gets crazy, I forget, but I love that I don't NEED it for allergies anymore daily. Seven years later, and I STILL rarely ever have allergy symptoms, and let me tell you, it has been great! You can do it too! I am so grateful for our local honey and bee pollen!



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