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Wellness Freeze Pops ~ Peachy Mango

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Wellness Freeze Pops ~ Peachy Mango


Organic peach & mango puree, organic apple, white grape, pear, passion fruit and pineapple concentrates , ascorbic acid (vitamin c), beta carotene (for color), alkaline water, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, Elderberry Plus Elixir (Filtered Water, Organic Black Elderberries, *Unpasteurized Local Honey, Organic Rose hips, Organic Elder-flowers, Organic Orange Peels, Organic Lemon Peels, Organic Red Raspberry Leaf & Organic Nettles, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Cinnamon,  Organic Ginger, Organic Clove, Organic Star Anise.)

NO Artificial Flavoring, Coloring or Sweeteners! 

*Only our lemonade flavors include organic cane sugar. The rest are only sweetened with juice and honey.


Shipping is available but we do NOT ship 'Wellness Freeze Pops,' Thursday/Friday. 

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These yummy treats are made with organic ingredients and contain a full serving of Elderūüíúberry Plus.

Each Wellness Freeze Pop has a total of (2.5fl Oz.) per sleeve. 

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